Galaxy S IV To Feature ‘Floating Touch’ Tech Along With ‘Green PHOLED’ Display

Today, some new information pertaining to the upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone has surfaced on web. The said device is now said to include ‘floating touch’ technology comparable to that within the Sony XPERIA Sola. In essence, this technology allows you to hover over certain elements of an interface, and, as you can on most desktop platforms, view additional information relating to the item you’re hovering over.

In smartphone terms, this could be especially useful when viewing an album containing your images. Even though many of us try to be organized when sorting through photos, it’s not always that easy with a snapper by your side at all times, and the floating touch feature could, for example, allow a user to preview images within an album without needing to open it.

The S Pen has allowed for floating touch gestures by means of Air View, but with the push on ‘Smart’ technologies set to be ramped up with implementations like the rumored ‘Smart Scroll’, it would appear Samsung is going all-out to impress with the Galaxy S IV by also adding some native, floating touch capabilities.

How will Samsung pull it off? Well, the source seems convinced the Galaxy S IV will use a new “green PHOLED” kind of display, which, among other things, is said to make the AMOLED display a whole 25% more efficient.

The Korean giant is keen to make its next flagship smartphone the very smartest on the market, and although we’re anticipating big things in terms of hardware, it’s looking increasingly as though it’ll be the software taking all the plaudits when the device is introduced on March 14th.

With less than a week to go until we finally get to see whether the Galaxy S IV lives up to the hype, it’s surprising Samsung hasn’t created some kind of countdown page already. Then again, with so much coverage and rumors arriving on an almost hourly basis, it’s not as though the device isn’t promoting itself right now.

We’ll have all the information and our first thoughts on the device as soon as it reveals itself, so stay tuned to our round-the-clock coverage!

(source: SamMobile)

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