Galaxy Note 3 And Samsung Smart Watch Release Date Now Tipped For September 4th

With the Galaxy S4 having been comfortably established in the market for a good while now, most recent press pertaining Samsung’s smartphone division has encircled the release of the highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 3. Reports today suggest the device could be unveiled in just a month’s time, and to up the ante just a little further, it also appears we may finally see evidence of Samsung’s elusive smart watch effort, or the Galaxy Smart Watch as the tech world loves to call it.

Long before the Galaxy S4 made its appearance a few months back, there was much talk of the Korean company releasing a smart watch alongside its flagship smartphone. Since that particular prediction never materialized, it’s important not to get carried away at this point with the renewed coverage, for if Samsung deems the wearable product of significance enough, it could well be that said smart watch will launch at a later date separately from the Galaxy Note 3, so neither product outshines the other.

The report arrives courtesy of AsiaEconomic, which report that Samsung is planning to take the wraps off the Galaxy Note 3 at a special event just before this year’s IFA. September 4th is mentioned as the date for this big product launch, but while we’re expecting to see the Note 3 at some point in the next couple of months, the really interesting take-home from the report is the smart watch.

Whether the September 4th date holds up remains to be seen, since usually, these kinds of events are announced a week in advance. In terms of details, the AsiaEconomic doesn’t really offer anything we haven’t already heard before, noting of a 5.7-inch display, 3GB of RAM and an Exynos 5 processor.

Essentially, we’d expect the Note 3 to be an enlarged version of the Galaxy S4 in terms of design, but with this system having worked just nicely for the first two iterations, Samsung will have very little inclination to go for anything too radical or out of the ordinary.

Specifics on the smart watch remain unknown, although we can be almost certain it will run on a variant of the Android operating system.

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(Source: AsiaEconomic [Google Translate])

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