Full Streams Of Motorola’s ‘On Display’ And Nokia’s Windows Phone Lumia Events Now Available To View Online

It’s been a pretty big day in mobile space, with two of the big guns both showcasing new products and innovations to be released in the near future. Motorola’s "On Display" event saw a glut of new devices slide into the fold, including the DROID RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD and RAZR M Android smartphones, while the Nokia and Microsoft partnership saw the birth of a couple significant new Lumia devices, as well as more details regarding Windows Phone 8.

Even though we love digging out the best bits of the big keynotes and presenting the information and revelations you wish to hear, watching the whole event certainly offers an in-depth insight into upcoming technologies. Some of the most seasoned techies are learning new things on a daily basis, and even if you would categorize yourself as a bit of an expert, it’s likely you’ll take something away from both of today’s big ensembles.

Motorola Nokia

Motorola’s event is hosted on YouTube, and in all fairness, Google has done pretty well to get it up and running so quickly for the viewing pleasure of the masses. It kicked off with some live music, which was rather peculiar for a tech event, but there was nothing amiss with proceedings thereafter, and if you’re scouting for your own next big acquisition (of the mobile variety), Google-owned Motorola has certainly thrown some interesting devices into the mixer. If you wish to watch it, well, here you go:

Meanwhile, Finnish outfit Nokia has really leant on Microsoft over the past couple of years having ditched its flagging Symbian OS, and having shown glimpses of why it was once the market leader with the Windows Phone 7.x Lumia range, the company looks to have hit the sweet spot once again with the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones. Featuring impressive snappers (PureView, in the case of the latter), the event offered even more food for thought for the floating voters in the run up to a Fall set to hail with new smartphones.

The Nokia / Microsoft hosted event also showcased a few quirky new features of the new mobile OS, including a screenshot feature and deep cloud integration. If you wish to watch, please head over to the official page on Nokia’s site, or just simply watch using the embedded video below.

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