First Teardown Images Of iPhone 5 Emerge

Now that Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone 5, it is no longer a collection of rumors and speculative suggestions. The sixth-generation iPhone is a fully functioning device which consumers all over the world will be able to get their hands on starting tomorrow, or possibly today, if any delivery companies happened to shoot themselves in the foot by delivering some pre-orders early. With more than two million pre-order units sold over the first weekend, there will be some happy faces tomorrow when the delivery man comes knocking on our doors.

It’s unlikely that those who took the plunge and parted with their cash for a pre-order have done so to pull the iPhone 5 apart when it is actually delivered. I’m as interested in the engineering and how the device is actually assembled as much as the next technology boffin, but I certainly didn’t order a black and a white unit just to pull the cover off and inspect the internals when it eventually gets here. Thankfully for us, there are a number of companies out there who thrive on seeing what is going on inside of these devices, and although we usually see an immediate teardown from the guys at iFixit, it’s the turn of iPhone-Garage to show us inside this latest Apple hardware.

iPhone 5 back

What started out as a gorgeous Black & Slate iPhone 5 is eventually reduced to a scattered mess of parts, as the external shell is stripped away to reveal the major internals like the battery and the individual sensors and radios that are bundled into the unit. The images of the teardown are of fantastic quality and allow us to get a glimpse of what is going on inside the iPhone 5, but they don’t have the usual commentary and explanations of each significant component like we are used to seeing with other teardowns.





The teardown doesn’t really provide us with any information that we didn’t already know or had discussed in the run up to the device actually being announced. It does however give us a closer look at the new layout of the iPhone 5 compared to previous iterations of Apple’s smartphone and shows exactly how many parts are crammed into such a small enclosure. After viewing all of the internals, it gives a little more appreciation to the fact that Apple has managed to engineer significant size savings.

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