First Look: Apple’s New 4-inch 16GB iPod touch [VIDEO]

Apple quietly released a new iPod touch yesterday, adding a 16GB offering to the fifth generation of the popular iOS-based music player. More than just a new, smaller capacity clone of the existing models though, the 16GB iPod touch variant is actually a new design when compared to the other iPod touch models, and it even loses one or two of their features in the process.

Perhaps most importantly is the fact Apple has now made a budget iPod touch available for those of us that just don’t need a 32GB model, especially in the current climate of everything being streamed via the likes of Spotify. Discussions about the merits of on-device storage aside though, it’s the rest of the 16GB model that catches the eye.


Sans rear-facing camera and that ever popular lanyard loop, the 16GB iPod touch also looks slightly different to other fifth generation models due to a modest redesign of its chassis. Looking less like a small iPad mini, the new lower capacity touch is arguably the nicest looking touch on the market. Thankfully, Oz resident Ben Pasternak managed to get his hands on one nice and early, making it possible for him to put together a video showing the 16GB iPod touch off in al its shiny glory.

new 16GB iPod touch 1

The new touch comes packaged just as we would expect, and indeed just how Apple’s other iPods currently ship – encased in a clear shell so that everyone can see the goods within. Once opened though it’s clear that this is not quite the same as other touches, thanks to that matte metal rear that instead of being all colorful, looks just like the metal used on Apple’s computers. Think of the metal used for a MacBook and you won’t be too far off.

We’re really impressed with the design of the new 16GB model of iPod touch, and we’d argue it’s possibly one of the nicest one Apple has produced yet. It’s nice and cheap and assuming you don’t need the missing camera, the new cheaper iPod touch is sure to be a winner.

new 16GB iPod touch 2

Despite seeing rumors that Apple would be phasing out the iPod touch in the near future, the release of this model is a sure sign that the crippled version of the iPhone is showing no sign of slowing down. Not just yet.

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