Encrypt Your iPhone’s Messages To ‘Military Grade’ With Wickr For iOS

Many of us like to keep our SMS messages private, and although Apple has yet to offer any such feature beyond a lock screen passcode for iOS, there luckily exists a bunch of apps (although mostly jailbreak-only), which allow the security of passing messages on an iPhone to be heightened.

Few, if any at all, however, are in the same league as Wickr, a new app for iPhone which offers the kind of encryption you’d perhaps seek out if you were plotting world domination. It’s probably a tad excessive for the everyday user, but having been billed as the most secure messaging service available on Apple’s mobile platform, I couldn’t – being the ardent geek that I am – resist testing it out.


The app is completely free to download, and when you run it for the first time, you have to create an account, which can take a couple of minutes to process. Described as “military grade” encryption, you can immediately begin sharing secure messages with another, although they too will need to have Wickr installed on their device.

Wickr 1

If you select a contact, Wickr will automatically send that user a message explaining what Wickr does and encouraging them to sign up. You might also want to add in how the app is free, which will offer added incentive for said user to comply, and once your devices both have Wickr installed, you’re ready to begin sending top-secret messages.

wickr 3

Wickr is not your average jumbled-up text kind of encryption, having been crafted by a group of experts in the security field. We cannot think of any reason why you’d want to remove metadata from media files, or set a self-destruct timer on outgoing messages, but Wickr packs these high-end features in, along with the ability to prune your account at the drop of a hat.

wickr 2

When you decide to delete anything, you needn’t panic about whether that data can be recovered since it’s subsequently overwritten several times with unreadable data, shielding your private information from anybody interested enough to dig through.

So if you are indeed planning to take over the world and require an extreme mode of communication, check out Wickr using the link provided below.

Download Wickr for iPhone [iTunes link]

(via Verge)

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