Enable Hidden Features On Galaxy Note 2 By Altering Certain Aspects Of Internal CSC File

Some developers in the Android community had been inspecting the internal CSC file of their Galaxy Note 2 smartphone in order to find out what possible features and handy little shortcuts Samsung had decided to prevent users from gaining access to in different localities on the phone. In an extension of that work it seems that the same developers have dedicated a little bit more time to the cause and have provided a list of modifications that can be made to the system CSC file in order to enable a few hidden and secret features that lie dormant on the international Galaxy Note 2.

The interrogation of the file has gone past the experimentation stage of changing values and adding in information to see what happens, and has actually progressed to a stage where a number of working and possibly useful tweaks have come to the surface. A number of the additional settings that have been found and shared are primarily intended for the international version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, but there should theoretically be nothing stopping the same amendments from working on local versions of the hardware if it isn’t already enabled.

Galaxy Note II splash

For the more adventurous among us who have the Galaxy Note 2 and want to see what additional goodies they can get out of it then the CSC file that needs to be altered is located at /system/csc/feature.xml and can be edited using any of the preferred root explorer options. It is being noted that a number of the found configurable options may actually already be in use on some Note 2 devices based on their country of purchase and whether or not Samsung felt it necessary to push the device out to that market with that particular option.

The developer in question, known as kkoolpatz – has provided a fairly extensive list of what is possible over on his original XDA forum thread, so it may be worth going through that list with a fine tooth comb to see if there is anything that would benefit users of the Galaxy Note 2.

Enter Key = New Line in stock sms // Only if not supported already

Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard Show Content for Screenshot

Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts

No Limits on joining contacts together. # Removes the existing Limit of 5 contacts

Add exit menu to stock web browser

Add shutter sound on/off menu to stock camera app

Stock browser requests Desktop site by default

All these available tweaks are hidden within the XML file.  It may not be ground-breaking but it could certainly be useful to some.

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