EMBRACE+ Is A Smart Bracelet Which Pairs With iPhone / Android, Glows When Notifications Are Received On Phone [VIDEO]

If you have deep pockets, or more likely just a large handbag, it might often be difficult to hear notifications from your phone, leading you to return home with multiple unanswered notifications of text messages, important emails or Facebook notifications. A new Kickstarter project, known as the EMBRACE+, is an electronic bracelet that will light up whenever a notification from your phone is displayed.

The EMBRACE+ does not look any more than a simple transparent bracelet to the naked eye, it is in fact quite elegant, light and soft, with three slightly different designs currently being considered. It is, however, packed with two subtly hidden lights that can turn on and change color once an iPhone or Android notification is received. By performing an initial set up on the device, which involves installing a custom app from the iOS App Store or Play Store and pairing the EMBRACE+, the new smart bracelet will start to do its work.


EMBRACE+ supports notifications from a whole slew of common smartphone apps and online services, namely incoming calls (only for specific contacts or groups), text messages, email, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Calendar alerts, alarm and timer and low battery alerts; there is also a special notification for when the phone is out of range. Additional notifications are being looked into for WhatsApp, Razzle and Vine, with the promise of support for more apps to be added in the future. For each app sending a notification, the bracelet will light up in a different color: this is customizable through the EMBRACE+’s iOS app, and virtually any RGB color can be set.



There are a few other interesting add-ons as well, such as a subtle vibration whenever a notification is displayed: this can be customized from the app as well. Once you are happy with all of your configurations, you can save them in a “profile”: multiple profiles can be saved, adapting your bracelet for different circumstances such as work or nightlife.


If you are hoping to get your hands on the new device, you might have to wait a short while since it is still in prototype stage and raising funds from interested users. Pledge $1 or more and you will be eligible for a giveaway once the product hits the shelves, $39 or more will earn you an early copy, $49 will get you custom designs such as BERYL or OPAL for a discounted price, $99 or more will earn you a limited edition bracelet; and $499 or more will earn you a special edition bracelet with a custom message engraved and a personally written “Thank You” note from the creators of the device.

$36,000 have been pledged so far. It is, for sure, quite an interesting idea. Check out EMBRACE+’s Kickstarter Page.

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