Backup / Restore Contacts On Android To The Cloud Or SD Card Using ‘Easy Contact Sync’

Modern smartphones are designed to be online constantly. With fast 3G and 4G radios built right in and Wi-Fi on tap, it’s fair to say that we live our lives through our smartphones these days, and that means they’re full of data that needs keeping safe.

Google provides part of that function by letting us keep all our contacts in the cloud. Simply sign in using any smartphone and your contacts are instantly available to you with the minimum of fuss. Best of all, it’s free. Awesome stuff.


The problem comes when your Google account is not available. Whether your password’s gone walkabout or you simply don’t have access to an internet connection for whatever reason, being able to access your contacts locally can be a lifesaver. That’s where Easy Contact Sync comes in.

Available for Android via XDA-Developers, Easy Contact Sync takes your Google contacts and turn them into vCards – the same files that users of Outlook will no doubt be acquainted with should they have ever had to move contacts around. They’re something of a standard these days, so it just makes sense to use them here.

Easy contact sync 1

Once backed up, contacts can then either be saved to a local storage solution, such as an SD card, or uploaded to a the cloud service of your choosing. Obviously a local backup is best if you’re worried about having access to email addresses and phone numbers even when offline, but cloud backup is also a winner if you just want to be sure you’ll never lose a phone number again.

There’s an auto-sync feature too, meaning you’ll never forget to sync your contacts again. We’ve all got bad memories these days. so anything that takes that burden away is most welcome!

Easy contact sync 2

Easy Contact Sync is available as a free trial, with the limitation that only three contacts can be backed up at a time, and that fancy auto-sync feature is disabled. It’s enough to give you a taster of what is to come, though it is worth noting that the app is labeled as a beta right now. Hopefully more users will enable the developer to quash bugs as and when they are discovered.

If backing up contacts is your thing, then give Easy Contact Sync a try before you lose a thing!

(Source: Easy Contact Sync for Android on the Play Store)

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