Download The Addictive iOS Puzzle Game Harmony 3 For Free This Week [$2 Value]

The iOS platform truly excels in the mobile gaming department, but we are usually quick to associate the platform with cutting edge graphics found in the latest action packed 3D titles. However, somewhere down the general trend a developer decides to create a work of art and present it as a game to keep eager users glued to their devices’ screens. One such title, which usually retails for $1.99 on the App Store, is now available for absolutely free as part of Apple’s Free App of the Week initiative.

Called Harmony 3, it’s an incredibly visually and audibly stimulating title that will have your problem-solving part of the brain rev up to its max. Seldom do we come across puzzlers that offer some of the simplest gameplay mechanics wrapped up in relaxing music and pastel colors inviting you to continue staring at the screen even if you’re not quite sure what your next move will be when stuck in a level.


Harmony 3 packs up to 170 levels and each has been crafted with very close attention to the aesthetics involved. The idea behind the game is not ground breaking either; match the blocks of colors. Sounds simple no? Well it isn’t really otherwise what would be the point? Every level will contain pallets of colors but some of the boxes from the pallets have wandered into other pallets. Your mission; bring order and ‘harmony’ to this portal of relaxation. Of course you only get a limited number of tries, and limited number of moves for the different boxes.


Bless the festive holiday spirit! Harmony 3 also packs an additional 50 new levels that have been crafted with the holidays in mind and contains “new effects, new music and a few other festive surprises!” According to the developer, gamers will also be able to use the backgrounds from Harmony 3 as wallpapers for their iPhone or iPad, because you never know what range of colors might pique your interest. As the developer says, you will literally experience the “sound of color” with over 3 hours’ worth of musical ambiance fueling your puzzle solving drive.


Harmony 3 is compatible with devices running iOS 6 or later, and will be back to its usual $1.99 price tag by the end of this upcoming Thursday, so you may want to hurry and download it before the offer expires.

(Download: Harmony 3 for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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