Download Google Chrome 14 For OS X Lion, Features Full-Screen Support And More

Chrome, the popular web browser developed by Google, has just been updated to version 14 and brings with it a few notable changes.

Google Chrome logo

The most significant update in version 14 is the improved support for those using Apple’s OS X Lion. Those using Apple’s latest operating system can now enjoy native full-screen mode support, and has also been aesthetically touched-up in order to improve the general browsing experience when using Chrome.

Chrome 14 also comes bundled with the new Web Audio API, which gives developers the ability to create a number of audio effects such as room simulation and spatialization.

The success of Google Chrome, a relatively late-starter in comparison to the likes of Microsoft’s Windows-native Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, is reflective of the stronghold the Big G has around these parts. It’s been scarcely three years since the initial version was released to the public in 2008, yet it is now the browser of choice for almost 1 in 7 of surfers worldwide, behind only Internet Explorer and Firefox, both of which must now be feeling the heat of the Google juggernaut.

Despite Google indeed having a fair amount of leverage when it comes to internet behavior and habits, it takes more than dogmatic advertising campaigns to pries consumers away from a browser they’ve become accustomed to, especially if the alternative is no better. But Chrome is actually a very good browser, and despite coming from one of the world’s largest and most influential internet company, it does actually deliver the goods, too. The numbers speak for themselves.

There doesn’t appear to be a lot in the way of Chrome becoming the number one browser of choice over the next few of years. Whilst Google doesn’t always get its way, it usually does. When it comes to general internet-based ventures – its bread and butter – there tends to be only one winner, and with Internet Explorer’s numbers dropping quicker than you can say ‘Google!’, allied to Firefox stagnating in terms of reach, Chrome’s rampant growth of nearly 1% per month could see it claim top spot sooner rather than later.

You can download the latest version of Chrome here, or if you’re an existing user, simply hit the spanner icon and scroll down to About Google Chrome from which you can process your update.

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