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For some reason, folks seem to go crazy for new, official wallpapers of just-announced devices, and while I can see the general appeal of imitating the very latest releases, it’s strange that, with literally billions of aesthetically-sound images and backdrops already available, a seemingly innocuous design from a major vendor can spark so much attention. The Galaxy S5, which will likely take pride of place as the new darling of the Android world once it’s released, has its own, unique, triangular wallpaper design, and if you want to replicate the latest look on your handset, one savvy individual with a dab-hand for image editing has just cooked up a copy from scratch.

New wallpapers get leaked all the time, but what’s interesting about this newly-outed Galaxy S5 wallpaper is that it’s not a leak per se. It’s often the case that somebody gets hold of a ROM dump, extracts the image files, and distributes them to the masses, and while we’re still keenly waiting for this to happen with the latest Galaxy S5, the wallpaper you see below has been, for lack of a more apt phrase, organically sourced.

Galaxy S5 wallpapers header

deviantART member Shimmi1 has, based on an abundance of leaked images and videos, built this wallpaper up from scratch, as he describes, “piece by piece, vector by vector.” As you can see, he’s done a pretty amazing job, and although we’ll have to wait for Galaxy S5 ROM leaks before we’ll know just how close he has gotten to emulating the actual wallpaper, there’s no doubt that, for the time being, this is close enough.

iOS Screenshot 20140302-034607 06

Download here

Since it’s just an image, you can download and use it as the wallpaper for any device, including Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, although naturally, the resolution and aspect ratio of your particular handset will have a strong bearing on how nicely it sits as a new background.

If you care to look through Shimmi1’s deviantART page, you’ll see that he’s quite the pro when it comes to this kind of thing, with another, more colorful Galaxy S5 wallpaper also on display.

More great examples of the default Galaxy S5 along with slight color variations are listed below:

iOS Screenshot 20140302-034505 01

Download here

iOS Screenshot 20140302-034531 03

Download here

iOS Screenshot 20140302-035104 01

Download here

These wallpaper look best when placed on an iPhone or iPod touch with parallax turned on.

Download, install, and enjoy these great wallpapers, and be sure to leave your comments below!

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