Control Windows 7 Using Kinect With WIN&I [Video]

Kinect sure has been to places it wasn’t designed for. Such is the power of hacking the devices and using them to your benefit. We have previously seen Kinect hacked to work with PlayStation 3. Not just that, some clever folks took just 24 hours to turn GMail’s April fools joke into a working reality using Kinect, and much more.


Folks at Evoluce have made use of Kinect to evolve the way we use Windows 7 by providing us with gesture-based operations, replacing the use of mouse and keyboard. This sure is first software of its kind and will take time to evolve into a product which will actually replace mouse and keyboard.

All you have to do is connect the Xbox Kinect sensor with your PC and run the WIN&I control session to control windows 7. Watch this being demoed in the video embedded below.

(Via CrunchGear)

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