Citrix X1 Is A Mouse That Works With iPhone And iPad

Ladies and gentleman, the future has eventually arrived. According to an official blog post on Citrix’s website, the company is on the verge of launching a wireless Bluetooth mouse that will allow us to control our mobile devices – iPhone, iPad or any Android gadget. For nearly a decade, perplexed consumers have wondered why it isn’t easily possible to connect a typical mouse to a mobile device like it is with a computer or notebook. Now, thanks to Citrix, we can finally start embracing the future.

As a company, Citrix provides cutting-edge software to a large number of business customers around the globe. Many of those high-spending business customers execute and utilize that software on a wide range of smartphones and tablets powered by Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Difficulties in using some of those applications via a touch-screen interface has led Citrix to conjure up the wireless Bluetooth mouse as a resolution to that problem.

Citrix X1

The Citrix X1 mouse will be officially launched at the Citrix Synergy event on May 12 and will offer compatibility with Apple iPhone and iPads as well as other mobile devices capable of supporting Bluetooth LE. The mouse itself is built around the Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) protocol and comes equipped with custom firmware that offers “full-function mouse support” to popular Citrix mobile apps, including the extremely well used Citrix Receiver. The product itself has been continually developed after initially being launched at the turn of the year as a prototype to gain whether or not there’d actually be any genuine consumer interest in a product of this nature. Turns out there is.


It’s likely that as time progresses companies like Citrix, as well as other large providers of corporate software, will start to invest heavily in modifying and producing applications that are touch friendly and that can utilize the existing hardware that ships with devices like Apple’s iPad or Microsoft’s Surface range of tablets. With that said, it’s quite clear that the demand is there for a product like the Citrix X1 mouse.

We can’t wait to get a real glimpse of it on May 12.

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