Check Actual Size 38mm, 42mm Apple Watch On Your Wrist Right Now

Tentative reports prior to last year’s initial Apple Watch launch suggested that Apple would offer two different sizing options – one for men, and one for women. While the first part of that statement is true – the device will ship in both 38 and 42mm sizes – the market for each is not as clear-cut as gender, and indeed, most will simply choose based on preference. If you’re considering the acquisition of an Apple Watch when it begins shipping on April 24th, then you can trot into an Apple Store at any point during the fortnight leading up to that date, and check the differing sizes out firsthand. If, however, you don’t have the time or the inclination to mosey down to your local Apple outlet, you can instead compare instead and contrast from the comfort of your iPhone.

In order to make it as easy for you as possible to check out the Apple Watch, the official Apple Store app includes life-sized, virtual Apple Watches, enabling you to place your iPhone on your wrist and fathom a reasonable idea as to which option best meets your requirements. It’s fairly straightforward to use, and while they are essentially just images, they may save you a trip down to an Apple Store at a time when it’s likely to be packed with intrigued consumers.

Apple Watch sizes

To get started, you’ll first need to install the Apple Store app, and once that’s done, fire it up. You’ll immediately notice the Apple Watch banner, beneath which you’ll see a ‘Learn More’ option, which you’ll want to tap on. Next, select ‘View Pricing,’ and finally, ‘Compare case sizes,’ after which you’ll be able to flit between the sizes and gauge a feel for the new gadget.


While it’s nice to have this feature on tap, so to speak, it’s probably still worth having a proper look at the on-display Apple Watch units that’ll be showcased for the two weeks prior to the 24th. After all, they do cost quite a bit, and even if you have your heart set on a particular size and band combination, you may change your mind once you see them in the glassy, metallic flesh.


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(Download: Apple Store for iOS on the App Store)

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