BelfieStick Lets You Take Selfies Of Your Butt Using Your Smartphone

Sometimes we can’t help but fear for the future of this planet, and not just because of important things like wars and famine. Sometimes something becomes a craze that has us questioning our very being, and we can offer nothing more than a shake of the head and a glance back to better times.

Selfies are a prime example here, with everyone from celebrities to your mother taking photos of themselves and posting them online, just in case you forgot what they look like. Those really serious about taking selfies invest in a selfie stick, a rod that lets them angle their camera or smartphone just so while getting it far enough away from themselves to take the perfect shot. It’s madness, but we live with it.

But the BelfieStick? No no no, things have now gone too far.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 6.25.48 pm

Created by social network, the BelfieStick is a selfie stick that is specifically designed for taking photos of your rear end because, well, who doesn’t want to see your backside plastered all over Instagram?

As any self-respecting rear photographer will attest, getting a shot of the money maker isn’t the easiest thing in the world, even if you do happen to have a nice large mirror at your disposal. The BelfieStick aims to try and make those epic struggles a thing of the past, and a noble course it is too.


The BelfieStick’s webpage is asking people interested in buying one to register that interest and even has supposed testimonials too. We can’t help but think the whole thing is some sort of parody though, even before we read some of these gems. If you find yourself bored one evening then we suggest reading what Marcos from Miami has to say about the SelfieStick. Apparently he likes it.

If you do want to throw your money at it, then simply head over to:

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