Beddit Smart Bed Accessory Tracks Your Sleeping Habits, Connects With iPhone

With Apple reportedly toying with the idea of bringing its own fleet of smart home products in the near future – a speculative project that may or may not see the light of day – more and more companies are looking to stake a claim to this emerging market. Google’s acquisition of Nest has sparked a marked rise in start-ups relating to smart home technology, and Beddit, which started off as an IndieGogo campaign raising over half a million dollars last year with its sleep monitoring pitch, has since benefited from the guidance of established outfit Misfit. Today, we get an insight into ‘Beddit’, the fruit of this collaborative union between Misfit and Beddit, and on first impression, it’s a product that could truly revolutionize the way we approach sleepy-time.

The App Store has been awash with apps like Sleep Cycle, which can throw up some interesting facts about sleeping patterns, including the stage of the night when you’re most at peace. But even though the iPhone is awash with sensors, the developers of such apps can only really scrape the surface in terms of features, functionality and information generated, and this is where hardware products like Beddit come in.


The Beddit sleep sensor, which is both thin and inconspicuous, sits under the mattress as you catch those Zs, and can keep track of your heart rate, respiration, movements and sounds. The sophisticated nature of the technology, which is accompanied by the Misfit app, means that you can glean accurate readings of your behavior when rested, and when you take the time to consult the numbers gathered via the companion app, you’ll be able to spot all sorts of patterns.

Beddit app

Of course, if you’re just a glutton for information, then the $149.99 monitor serves as an ideal way for you to get your fill, but from a practical point of view, it also lets you keep track of your overall health and wellbeing. With Apple making a push in this department with the Health app and, quite possibly, the iWatch, it’s almost certain that folk are going to become even more aware of the benefits of sleep monitoring systems, and although the Misfit Beddit is one of the first to integrate with our mobile devices, it certainly won’t be the last.

Beddit hardware

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