Apple’s Online Store Now Allows Users To Share Product Links On Twitter And Facebook

Do you enjoy staring at the Mac Pro of your dreams on Apple’s online store? Didn’t you just wish you could have it and let all your friends know about it too? While Apple won’t start giving stuff out for free, but it is now allowing purchasers to share a link of any Apple product on the company’s Online Store on Facebook or Twitter.

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This feature, which hasn’t yet rolled out to all product listings, although it’s expected to sooner rather than later, allows users to speak out about the products of their dreams, or show off their newest purchases, all just a couple of clicks away. In order to share a link to your favorite product, simply visit Apple’s online store and look for the product you want. For most products, there will be slightly different hardware configurations with a “Select” button below them. If this feature has already been implemented on the product page you went to, the said button might now look more like a drop down: click on the white arrow and select the social network you’d like to share information about the product on.

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By default, the message that will be sent out will simply contain the name of the product and a link to its product page. Of course, customizing the message is possible, since leaving it as it is might not have the compelling effect on your contacts, and likely you, are looking for.

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This social strategy isn’t new for Apple, which has slowly been creeping into social networks while maintaining its secretive tone and message discipline. iTunes purchase pages have had a similar “Share” feature for quite a while, so have app pages on the Mac App Store. While this feature likely won’t have much of an effect on Apple’s overall sales, especially when it comes to expensive hardware, but it’s good to know that there’s now a way to link to any Apple product easily. It seems that every serious company that wants to edge out in this decade must have some kind of social integration, and Apple is humbly but steadily making its contribution.

Apple’s Online Store has been hugely successful since its launch in November of 1997, even in Apple’s darkest days. Currently, the Online Store doesn’t only sell Apple’s own products, it also offers accessories and tools from selected partners.

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