Apple Planning To Launch A Major Product On 10th Retail Anniversary Event?

News coming out of various sources and BGR point to Apple launching a new product to fit in with the 10th anniversary of its retail stores.

With the anniversary coming on Thursday 19th, all Apple Stores will be undergoing special training, with some staff members working through Saturday night and into Sunday. New point of sale is being shipped to stores too, with all literature under lock and key until the time comes.

BGR has some information from a trusted source, with the highlights being:

– An overnight shift of around 15 employees is required for the Saturday night, with all mobile phones to be locked away and NDAs signed by all employees.

– Black window curtains will be in place while the stores are made ready to prevent prying eyes from getting an early glimpse of the work being carried out.

– Gigabytes of training information have been downloaded to stores with passworded files. Passwords will not be provided until a later date.

No word yet on what Apple has planned or if it extends to its online presence but we’ll be camped out ready to find out!

Any guesses?

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