Apple Planning A 5-inch Retina Display-Toting Device For Release Next Year [REPORT]

From day-to-day, we see and hear many rumors and supposed ‘inside information’ regarding unconfirmed, unannounced, and unspecified products. Some are plausible, and make sense, if only vaguely, whilst others seem somewhat far-fetched.

The latest in the constant barrage of Apple related gossip reckons the fruit company to be working on a brand new mobile device, complete with a five-inch Retina display. Larger iPod touch? Smaller iPad? Surely not, you might dismiss.

But when one considers the source – Macotakara – the story does gain a little credibility, since the Japanese Apple blog has come through with some useful nuggets of info in the past. Apparently, the device will boast either a 1,600 x 960 pixel or 1,280-by-960 pixel display, and release sometime next year.

Macotakara does concede the source of its info is simply Chinese Whispers, but it’s certainly enough to get us thinking – particularly with the rumors (albeit somewhat unbelievable) that Apple is plotting a smaller iPad having done the rounds earlier this month.


The iPod touch route seems an unlikely one for Apple to take. Although my colleague Oliver Haslam has stressed the device’s importance in terms of Apple maintaining its domineering position in the market, bumping up its size would not seem like a logical move. Apple keeps the touch cheap, so although many perceive it as "an iPhone without the phone bit", it scrimps on almost every feature, right down to the inferior Retina display compared with its cellular cousin.

So that, by rule of elimination, leaves the only feasible possibility to be a mini-me version of the iPad, or a five-inch iPhone. Each seem equally unlikely given that the iPhone and iPad measure in at 3.5 inches and 9.7 inches respectively, so both would take a disproportionate leap in either direction. Then again, as we know, the Samsung Galaxy Note has been selling rather well, seemingly finding a happy median between phone and tablet. Could Apple possibly follow Samsung’s lead?

Let’s face it, although the Samsung Galaxy Note isn’t for everyone, it has certainly caught the attention of the tech world – something scarcely instigated in this market by a company other than Apple. Those that have bought it seem to love it, and those that haven’t have at least considered making the purchase.

What are your thoughts? I’m inclined to think this is make-believe, since I personally don’t subscribe to the notion that Apple will bring out a smaller tablet, and I am even less inclined to think Apple would go large on its iPod touch.

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