Apple May Announce iWatch At WWDC, Here’s Why

Normally we’re only too keen to have the monotony of never-ending iPhone rumors broken by something different, especially if it’s not a smartphone. Watches aren’t phones, but while we’re as keen to see what Apple does when it finally enters the smartwatch fray, we have to admit to being more than a little tired of the constant ‘will they, won’t they’ arguments that fill our Twitter streams on a daily basis.

At this point we’re pretty confident in saying that Apple is indeed going to bring a smartwatch to market, which leaves just one major question about the iWatch: when’s it going to be released?

iWatch 1

iWatch Concept

That’s a question the folks over at Pocket Lint are confident they have figured out, and the log seems relatively sound, if a little obvious to us at this point. Still, this being Apple we wouldn’t be so bold as to say it’s definitely how things will play out. So, disclaimer aside, what is it that Pocket Lint thinks is going on over in Cupertino?

The gist of the thing is this; Apple will announce the iWatch at its WWDC event in San Francisco on June 2nd and then let people buy it some time in September. If Apple did follow that release schedule then it wouldn’t be a huge surprise because, after all, it has form. Both the iPhone and iPad had long lead times from announcement to release, allowing both potential buyers and pundits alike a little time to get their heads around what was on offer. Both were game changers in the respective fields, and the iWatch could potentially be no different. Giving everyone a few months to realize that wouldn’t harm sales at all.

Another reason that an iWatch release later this year would make sense is the iPhone and, just as importantly, the release of iOS 8. With the new version of the iPhone and iPad operating system set to be outed at WWDC and then shipped alongside the iPhone 6 later this year, it makes plenty of sense that the iWatch would follow suit. After all, it’s likely that any watch would need iOS 8 in order to function alongside an iPhone due to the lack of hooks currently baked into iOS 7. New hardware tends to need new software, too.

FuelBand SE

Of course, all of this goes out the window if WWDC comes and goes with no iWatch in sight. We’ve seen no real hardware leaks as yet either, whereas iPhone and iPad shells pop up with increasing regularity. Wouldn’t we at least see a strap before Tim Cook put boot to stage at WWDC? There’s still time for that to happen though, so fingers crossed on that front.

Over all we wouldn’t want to bet against an iWatch popping up on-stage at WWDC at all, but again we wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t. Even if it does though, we’re almost 100% sure it won’t be available to buy for some time yet.

And really, that’s all that matters.

(Source: PocketLint)

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