Apple iWatch Screen Size, Features And Launch Date Revealed In New Report

Very much in danger of becoming something we’re all sick and tired of hearing about, Apple’s iWatch is more myth than reality at this point, but that doesn’t seem to be about to stop anyone from claiming to have inside knowledge of what is going on with the oft-rumored smartwatch. The latest to chime in is Reuters, adding a little bit of class to what is usually a sea of random YouTube channels, social media sightings and French blog posts.

The main claim from Reuters is that the iWatch will hit stores in October, which is almost the exact time everyone expects the iPhone 6 to land. Apple tends to announce new iPhones early in September with a release a couple of weeks later. An October date for iWatch availability would, without doubt, make things very hectic for Apple from top to bottom, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on the cards.

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Once it is released, Reuters believes Apple will hope to ship 50-million iWatches within the device’s first twelve months on sale, citing an Apple insider as its source. Considering iPad sales topped out at 71-million – give or take – last year, we have to admit to feeling a 50-million target may be a little on the high side. Assuming any of this is true, of course.

A release schedule isn’t the only news coming out of Reuters, though.

Until now, iWatch rumors have centered on a 1.5-inch screen, but Reuters says the device will actually measure 2.5-inches diagonally across its somewhat rectangular screen. That screen will protrude slightly from the surrounding strap, but will feature a touch-screen as well as sensors for monitoring a user’s pulse which is almost a given at this point. Apple already announced that iOS 8 will feature a new push into health thanks to Healthkit, so it stands to reason that the iWatch would carry that on.

While all of this may turn out to be highly accurate or complete guesswork, the only question many of us has revolves around price. If we can’t afford it, that’s the end of the conversation.

With talk of a $350 price tag, the iWatch may need to have one or two tricks up its sleeve if it’s going to hit that ambitious 50-million unit target.

(Source: Reuters)

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