Apple Co-Founder Wants iTunes For Windows Phone

Apple should make iTunes available across the Android and Windows Phone platforms, according to the man affectionately known as Woz.

Apple’s co-founder and former lead whiz kid Steve Wozniak has been known to speak his mind on a whole range of things, with Apple itself often the subject of his ever captivating point of view. Woz has been at it again, this time setting his sights on Apple’s iTunes as well as the company’s philosophy change post-Apple I.

Speaking at the TEDxBrussels event in, predictably enough, Brussels, Wozniak laid out his thoughts on all kinds of things, ranging from the schooling of children to banks. It was his comments on all things Apple that caught our eyes most though, and iTunes in particular.

Currently available for Mac, Windows and iOS devices, iTunes is Apple’s gateway into the iTunes music and video stores allowing the purchase and rental of movies, TV shows and music. While a Windows version is indeed available, when it comes to mobile, it’s iPhones, iPads and iPods or nothing. Wozniak thinks that’s all wrong, and believes there should be versions of iTunes for both Android and Windows Phone, too.

We can see his thinking – making iTunes available to everyone would, in theory at least, increase Apple’s income due to a larger potential customer base. More devices means more purchases, or does it?

Apple’s point of view is that iTunes is a differentiator. Being able to use iTunes on iOS devices is one of the reasons to buy them, giving the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a leg-up on the competition. Which view is right depends on your own philosophy, but we wouldn’t want to tell a company that rakes in as much money as Apple, that it is doing it wrong. Woz, however, can get away with it!

Steve Wozniak also said that he wished ‘marketing didn’t take over’ after Apple released the Apple I and II’. He instead would have liked Apple devices to remain open and more accessible, just as the PC has. Again, it all comes down to business philosophy, and few can argue against Apple’s results.

Woz however, would be one of the few that can!

(via TheNextWeb)

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