Apple Allegedly Shooting iPhone 5 Ad Campaigns For Launch [REPORT]

Apple is currently in the process of creating those famous ad campaigns we’ve become accustomed to seeing in advance of the October release of the iPhone 5.

We’ve all seen the simple yet effective techniques deployed by the Cupertino-based company in order to seduce techies and fashion-followers alike into paying colossal amounts for its technology. According to the usual sources "familiar with the matter," the collection of ads will be completed by the beginning of October, which correlates nicely with the expected release period.

There’s no rocket science behind the way Apple advertises. From the days of silhouette dancers advertising the iPod to the sounds of Bono to the slick demonstration of iOS 4 on the iPhone, the fruit company has a tendency to keep it simple yet effective.

While we’re on the subject, it will be interesting to see what Jobs and Co. do with the iPod lineup. There are quite a few on the market currently, and each have seen many changes over the last 7 or 8 years. Many now use the iPhone’s built-in iPod feature to satisfy all musical needs, and the nano, Classic and Shuffle have taken something of a backseat. So much so, that there’s been scarcely any news on any changes to the iPod roster to date.

In addition, with a purported cheap-for-an-Apple-product iPhone coming our way, could the iPod touch soon be a thing of the past? It seems a somewhat inevitability that the touch will be phased out at some stage, and while it may not be anytime soon, Apple’s moves indicate that there may not be space for a device which has been a Godsend for those seeking the iExperience without the hefty price tag. There has been some speculation that the iPod touch could see 3G connectivity, and if that is the case, then maybe Apple does still see a market for the iPhone – without the phone bit. If not, though, with a cheap iPhone 4-esque possibly cloud-centralized device on the market, why would consumers buy an iPod touch?

With all the hype surrounding the next smartphone, it seems that the device will essentially sell itself. Facebook groups have started emerging supposedly offering free iPhone 5 prototypes for people to test, it’s a scam of course. One event, started by somebody calling themselves an "Apple Market Researcher", claims to be giving away 250,000 prototype iPhones for people to "test," which roughly equates to $175 million in lost revenue at $699 each – pretty expensive research. While that will sound ridiculous to many, the group has amassed more than 60,000 members in its first 12 hours alone. So it appears people will believe anything if it means getting hold of an iPhone, and I can’t see Apple having much difficulty selling the device in large quantities once again.

(Source AppleInsider)

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