Android-powered HTC Sense UI ported to Windows Phone

Zenulator of XDA-Developers forum has managed to port the Android-powered HTC Sense UI from HTC Hero to several different Windows Phones. The ambitious project called vogue-hero is basically a complete port of the original Android Build from HTC Hero with Sense UI to HTC Touch – a Windows Phone.

Apparently, it is said to be running all of the HTC widgets and apps from Sense UI perfectly on Windows Phones and it is probably the closest you can get to the Sense UI experience from HTC Hero without having to actually go and buy one.

Installation Instructions:

Clear out the root of your sdcard. I do not recommend using an existing data.img. Download and zImage. Extract to the root of your sdcard. Copy zImage to the root of your sdcard. Edit your default.txt to work with your vogue keeping the lcd density at 160 and the resolution at 320×480. If you don’t know how to edit your default.txt then read the file it has examples. If your still not sure to then head to XDA developers and ask around in the vogue android threads. Execute haret and tap run. Wait a couple minutes you will see the HTC/Android boot logo and hear the chime. Wait a little bit more and the setup screen will come up. When the HTC keyboard comes up press the gear icon to the left of the space bar. Tap on Text input. Scroll down and tap on Calibration tool. The Calibration tool will walk you through the rest of the way. Push back (volume rocker up) to get back to the setup screen and continue the setup. I suggest you set up a google account to use market. After setup you are taken to a minimal home screen with two toggle widgets for GPS and Mobile. I suggest you download another messing app like chompSMS or handsentsms if you want fully functioning sms because the HTC messenger is not 100% it will send sms but it will tell you it failed even though it really went through.

Video Credit: The Mobile Life

If you are only looking for a Sense UI – like theme for Windows Mobile, then take a look at this article here.

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