Android Jelly Bean Will Be The Next Major Update For Android With ‘Game-Changing’ Features [REPORT]

Currently, most Android users are currently looking forward to Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of Android which might see the light of day as soon as next month. Yet, Google is said to be already working on the version which will succeed the said OS, and will be codenamed "Jelly Bean".

Android Jelly Bean

On Thursday, Eric Schmidt revealed that Ice Cream Sandwich could be released as early as next month, despite previous figures that pointed to late November or early December. With the upcoming release of Android nearly finalized, it’s no surprise that Google is already looking into the version after that.

According to an anonymous but allegedly credible source, Ice Cream Sandwich’s successor will be codenamed "Jelly Bean", maintaining Google’s tradition of naming Android versions after sweets in alphabetical order, a custom that has been maintained ever since Android’s introduction way back in 2008. As expected at this stage, not much information is yet known about what "Jelly Bean" will include, although the source assures skeptics that it will be "Game-Changing Stuff", although that could mean anything: hopefully revolutionary features, not just another new layout which Google laid out for the Android Market recently.

The version number for "Jelly Bean" hasn’t yet been decided, yet. In fact, neither has the version for "Ice Cream Sandwich", where there still debate inside Google over whether to bump the version up to 4.0 or just keep it within the 3.x range. Until that discussion has been settled, we likely won’t figure out too much about Jelly Bean, or what the "game-changing" features will actually be.

As we wait for Jelly Bean, let us not forget that we don’t even know much about Ice Cream Sandwich as well, other than the fact that it will supposedly consolidate both the tablet and smartphone flavors of Android, that way consolidating the code base and simplifying the development process. Not much else has been revealed from Google officially, yet leaked screenshots point to a refined user interface that brings some elements from Honeycomb, the tablet flavor of Android, down to the smartphone.

Android has come a long way ever since it was first released to the public in late 2008, initially on a sluggish device. Over few years that followed, more devices started carrying the platform, which has now become Apple’s greatest competitor on both the smartphone and tablet fronts.

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