Adobe CreatePDF Lets Users Create PDF Documents Straight From Their iPhone And iPad

PDF documents have become increasingly more popular over the last few years, yet there still isn’t a good way to create them straight from an iOS device. To address this issue, Adobe has released CreatePDF, a small app that allows PDF documents to be created straight from any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.


CreatePDF is a tool that converts many file types, ranging from image files and Photoshop files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice and even WordPerfect files, into the PDF format straight from any iOS device while preserving all the quality of the original documents, including all the formatting (such as footnotes) etc. Indeed, Adobe promises that the conversion technology is the same as the one used on desktop versions of Adobe Acrobat.

Sadly, there isn’t a way to directly type out PDF files using this app, only converting existing files is possible, but also incredibly easy; while viewing any supported file in the browser or as an email attachment, simply choose to open said file with CreatePDF. The app should automatically detect the file type and begin the conversion process.


Once any file is opened using CreatePDF, it will be added to a special queue, as you can see below. There, users can monitor the status of their files as well as remove and rename them, or even email them out using the native Mail app.


In order to assure that all the files converted using this service are the highest-quality they can be, CreatePDF connects with Adobe’s servers, although no sensitive data stays in Adobe’s domain, according to the company. It’s still unclear what impact this quality assurance feature will have in the real world.

This app is available starting today, in both iPhone and iPad versions, for $9.99 from the iOS App Store. If you depend on PDF files on a daily basis and would like to create them from your mobile device, this might be the tool for you despite the price tab. If you’re not planning to use it often, however, you should simply continue creating PDF files from your desktop which is almost effortless these days. Nonetheless, it’s great to see Adobe stepping out of its comfort zone by bringing more of its technologies to mobile platforms.

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