Add Animated Themes To Your Mac With ‘Live Desktop’

You may not actually realize it on a day-to-day basis, but when you’re using your MacBook or iMac, you spend more time than you realize staring at the static image that you have set to be your wallpaper background.

Of course, you can regularly change that image or set the Mac to periodically change the picture by pointing it at a folder of images, but it’s not exactly the most dynamic and engaging way of handling things. Wouldn’t it be great if you could solve all the issues that come with a static desktop in one fell swoop by adding dynamic, animated desktops? It seems that the developer of Live Desktop for Mac had the same line of thinking.


Live Desktop is essentially the exact polar opposite of the native experience that we’ve become accustomed to. The app comes bundled with a number of extremely high-quality animated themes that can be set on the computer. At the time of writing the user can choose from a waving flag, a pristine water fall, a mesmerizing rippling river, a beautiful sandy beach, or a roaring lion for those who want to let their primal king of the jungle side out.

If that animation and dynamic nature of the theme isn’t enough, then make sure your volume is turned up on the Mac for an audio element in the whole experience. What could be better than working to the sound and view of an animated roaring lion?

Machines, and the operating systems that power them, are continuously developing and growing in the features and functionality that they provide. As companies like Apple and Microsoft implement additional power into the OS, the good old faithful desktop seems to be overlooked. After all, it’s just a desktop where you dump files and folders, right?


For the most part, yes, that is right, but the desktop is actually a pivotal and ever-present part of the operating systems like OS X and Windows, and therefore should be given some love. Live Desktop looks to do just that by bringing stunning high quality live themes into the equation for the Mac.

It looks as though the developer will continue to pump resources into the app, meaning that the $0.99 outlay should get you a Mac app that will periodically get new themes and experiences added to it.

(Download: Live Desktop for Mac on the Mac App Store)

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