Acoustic Ruler Pro For iOS Lets You Measure Distance Using Sound Waves

The App Store is overflowing with so many apps that are split into so many different categories that it can sometimes be difficult for users to find what they are looking for. The search algorithms within the store is constantly being tweaked and amended to make things better, but unless you have the direct link to a specific app or know the actual name of it, it can be extremely hard to find good creations that manage to complete the desired task at hand.

If measuring the distant from one place to another is something that you need help with, then rest assured that the App Store definitely has something for you, it just may be difficult to find. One such app that falls into that exact category is the Acoustic Ruler Pro offering, which retails for a price of just $1.99. The app is one of those that does pretty much exactly as the title suggests and allows users to measure the distance from one point to another using their iOS device.

Acoustic Ruler Pro


The app basically has two modes. The first one allowing users to measure the distance between two points with a maximum span of 25 meters or approximately 82 feet. This mode requires two devices using the app simultaneously. Additionally, a single device with the Acoustic Rule Pro app installed can be used to measure distances of up to 1.10 meters with the assistance of a set of headphones plugged into the device. It may seem bizarre, but the system actually works by emitting sound waves and then measuring the time taken for them to be reported back to the phone.


After installation, the app requires a little bit of calibration, but this is all handled within the software itself and is relatively easy to follow. Calibration variables including things like setting the temperature, something that is classed as extremely important in an app like this, as the emitted sound waves travel speed varies greatly due to different temperatures. The app is extremely simple to use and is a very impressive piece of software when you consider what it is actually doing in the background.


(Source: Acoustic Ruler Pro for iPhone and iPad from App Store)

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