8K Displays Are Coming To Our Laptops, Mobile Devices Next Year

8K displays could be headed to laptops and all-in-one PCs in a very uncompromising manner, thanks to a new video standard. Thought your 4K laptop and 5K iMac were as revolutionary as they come? This new piece of tech breakthrough is here to change all of that.

These brilliantly pixel-packed 4K and 5K displays are truly amazing given the PPI density and lavish desktop space one gets as a result of the mammoth resolution, and one would think to leave it at that till someone out there finds a way to make batteries that can cope up with the power hungry panels. Currently, the video standard for displays hangs at 1.4, but with Video Electronics Standards Association’s Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) 1.4a coming in, VESA says 1.4a will allow for "higher video data transfer rate for increased panel resolution, greater color depth and higher refresh rates … These and other refinements were made to the eDP 1.4a standard to take advantage of higher GPU video performance and newer display technologies, while also enabling reduced system power and form factor."

8K main

So basically, at a resolution of 7680 x 4320, laptops will be able to perform without compromising on battery life, given how displays are power hungry components in notebooks of today. This new eDP standard could even be used for the more contemporary standard resolution machines as well, resulting in further improvements to battery life. VESA has said this breakthrough tech could start appearing in computers by 2016 next year, including mobile devices, which would totally change the dynamics of the smartphone industry given how manufacturers have currently hit a dead end when it comes to increasing battery life.


Meanwhile, Japan’s NHK has been testing the 8K resolution as part of broadcasts for the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo. With 8K TVs already making the cut, the spill over to mobile devices is not as dire a need as the requirement of the new eDP standard which will significantly impact the battery life in a positive way. 8K on laptops and mobile phones is something that is bordering close to crazy honestly, but that’s a debate for later. For now, we eagerly await the new video standard to make it to our phones and laptops in 2016.

(Source: DisplayPort)

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