5 Bay Area Apple Stores Robbed In Two Weeks, Latest Hit Takes $50,000 In Products

Thieves targeting Apple Stores is certainly nothing new, but it seems that we are hearing about a new robbery every other week right now, with the fifth Bay Area Apple Store in a two-week period having been raided recently. In fact, this is the fourth time this particular store has been targeted, too.

According to an ABC7News report, the latest occurrence took place at the Burlingame store on Sunday morning, with thieves able to take around $50,000 worth of products in less than 30 seconds. This level of gain with so little time required is perhaps why Apple Stores are such easy targets, especially with so much technology on display and easily handled.

Burlingame police say four thieves raided the store on Burlingame Avenue at about 11:25 a.m. on Sunday.

“They just grab all the phones off the display phones, all the computers. They break the security cords and run out. They’re in there for less than 30 seconds,” said Burlingame Police Lieutenant Robert Boll.

Burlingame police say the teens or young men stole about $50,000 worth of merchandise. They ran out to a getaway car, believed to be a Volvo S70. The suspects’ faces were covered by their cinched up hoodie sweatshirts.

Interestingly, police believe that the latest raid was carried out by the same thieves which attacked the other four stores in the area, with surveillance footage of the theft having been released in an attempt to bring the purps to justice. However, no matter how much thieves get away with, all of Apple’s hardware becomes useless once it is not connected to an Apple Store WiFi network, making them worth next to nothing.

(Source: ABC7News)

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