3G Nexus 7 Reportedly In The Works, Releasing This Fall

If you were one of the many people around the world who took the plunge and purchased the Google Nexus 7 when it was first announced during the annual I/O conference back in June, then congratulations on making a great decision. Google has managed to work together with ASUS to design and develop a rather fantastic little tablet that really manages to sit in a class of its own within its size category. Google may not be everyone’s company of choice, but they have managed to release a product that has immediately become one of the best tablets on the market for the price point it sits at.

With the holiday shopping season almost upon us and Amazon looking likely to release the new version of their Kindle Fire tablet in the coming weeks, reports are suggesting that Google and ASUS are working on bringing an updated Nexus 7 to the market that offers all of the wonderful features of the device with the added inclusion of 3G data connectivity. When you actually have a look at the specifications of the Nexus 7, it becomes difficult to understand how it is so cheap, a thought that is only multiplied when you feel the hardware in your hands and interact with the Jelly Bean version of Android.

As is usually the case with smartphones and tablets from any manufacturer, the Nexus 7 may be extremely powerful for its market pricing, but it does have a few inadequacies that has left users hoping for improvements in future editions. As a regular iOS user, I was pleasantly surprised with Android 4.1, but the lack of additional data options and the inability to extend the storage with an additional SD card is something that a lot of consumers feel needs addressing. It looks as though at least one of these issues has been felt by ASUS themselves, with a possible 3G variant of the device coming out in a few weeks.


ASUS themselves have declined to comment on the speculation after a number of outlets reached out to them, but as you might expect when adding something like 3G connectivity, the price will more than likely rise to reflect the new capabilities of the tablet. Considering other high-end tablets like Apple’s iPad coming with a 3G or LTE variant, the move makes sense if it turns out to be true. We can just sit and wait patiently to see the new price points and what deals the networks will offer consumers to take a minimum term out with a new Nexus 7.

(source MoDaCo)

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