32GB Nexus 7 Gets Accidentally Sold To A Customer In Japan, Point Towards An Imminent Release

The Nexus 7 tablet, which was the brainchild of a collaborative effort between Google and ASUS, proved to be a huge hit with consumers thanks largely to its low starting price and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean implementation. Talk has been rife recently regarding a 32GB model – offering a little more storage for folk who find 8 and 16GB configurations as requiring too space management – and to throw a little more weight behind the murmurings, a 32GB Nexus 7 looks to have made an appearance in Japan.

Google has yet to officially confirm / deny that it would indeed be bringing a 32GB iteration, but history tells us many simply won’t part with their cash unless enough flash storage is offered as standard. Improved cellular connectivity and an uprising in cloud storage services allow consumers to automatically upload content in a secure, cloud-based environment, but often, a little more on-board storage can make all the difference.

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Of the model found in Japan, well, the story doesn’t quite follow the usual “leaked early” prose. In fact, a consumer received the device erroneously – having ordered a 16GB version – and had the initiative to share his accidental finding with the world. The screenshot – as you’ll see below – shows 27.58 GB of on-board storage space – significantly more than currently available from Google. Given, it’s not strictly 32GB, but we’re all familiar with the way the manufacturers’ unit measurements are used to monopolize the quoted capacities:


If it is in fact the case that the consumer received this version, and isn’t making it up, it would seem as clear an indication as any that Google will indeed unveil a 32GB model some time this fall. The 8GB version retails at the magic $199 price point, with the 16GB and currently largest iteration of the Nexus 7 available for $249. With this in mind, we’d expect the 32GB version to cost $299 or thereabouts, although offering it for an arbitrary $285 or similar may help push those extra sales.

Have you been waiting in the wing for a 32 GB Nexus 7? The lack of a microSD slot has left many in a state of contemplation, but with a third option adding more space, I predict another substantial wave of sales.

(via Liliputing)

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