3 Best Free Pokemon Go Spoofer For Android And iOS 2024 (Update)

Do you reside in a less busy neighborhood, or is Pokemon GO restricted in your region? Depending on your smartphone GPS, Pokemon Go may limit your access to gyms, events, and rare Pokemon. Wondering how you can fake GPS location on iOS or Android device and add more pleasure to the game? Read on to learn about the best Pokemon GO spoofers for Android and iOS, how to use them, and their pros and cons.

The Top 3 Pokemon GO Spoofers for Android and iOS

With the ability to alter GPS location at your fingertips, the following location spoofers can revolutionize your GPS movements on Pokemon GO. Let’s dive in.

1. MocPOGO

MocPOGO is a feature-rich program designed to elevate the Pokemon GO gaming experience for iOS and Android users. Not only can you move the GPS realistically from your couch, but you can also simulate GPS movements at a custom speed of up to 100km/h to catch rare Pokemon in specific coordinates. This Pokemon GO spoofer brings endless possibilities with its new joystick experience and the ability to change locations on multiple devices simultaneously.

Key Features

Cooldown Timer: The Cooldown Timer helps gamers make their movement more realistic and prevent unnecessary trouble from over-shifting positions.

Import GPX File: Seasoned gamers can import their favorite game GPX route and use the reference to easily win rewards and hatch eggs.

Spoof over Wi-Fi: MocPOGO can automatically connect via Wi-Fi, reducing the trouble of buying data or groaning over a disconnected cable.

Historical Records: Old is gold, and MocPOGO makes sure of that by automatically saving frequented routes and locations you take for future reference.

Favorite Routes: Did a specific route earn you more rewards? MocPOGO lets you bookmark an assigned route or your favorite route for the next round.

Privacy Protection: MocPOGO is 100% safe and secure for your iOS or Android device.  It does not damage the mobile phone and helps you avoid jailbreaking.

Note: How to enable developer mode for iOS 16 or later and USB debugging for Android.

  • Sproofing iOS location ( iOS 17 Supporting) – Go to Settings>Privacy & Security>Developer Mode or
  • Fake Android GPS Location– Connect your device to a PC and tap the Transfer Files option on the USB connection mode. Go to Settings>Search Build Number. Then, tap Build Number 7 times to configure Developer Mode and activate USB debugging under Developer options. Click Allow to continue.

How To Use MocPOGO For Immersive Pokemon Go Experience on Android or iOS

Step 1: Download and install MocPOGO on your Android or iOS device

Download MocPOGO for iOS or get in on Google Play for your Android device. It supports the latest versions of iOS 17 and Android 14.

Step 2: Launch the application and enable developer mode

Tap on the application to open it and start enjoying its features. Ensure you have enabled developer mode for either iOS or Android devices.

Step 3: Choose mode

For Android users, MocPOGO offers two modes, including Social mode and Game mode, to fake GPS location on Android. To enable Game mode, click on the Pokemon GO game icon. Follow the instructions and install the latest version; otherwise, ignore it.

Step 4: Spoof Pokemon GO location

You can fake your location on Pokemon GO by using;

  • Teleport mode: With your current location on display, select the search box at the top and input where you feel treasure awaits. Click Teleport, and your current location will instantly change to the specified location.
  • Two-spot mode: Tap a random or planned location on the map and watch your character walk the talk by following the route. Customize your moving speed by adjusting the top progress bar to either walking, cycling, or driving.

Step 5: Check Resource

iOS users can use the Resource Search feature to know the exact location of the Pokemon they’re trying to catch, including Coordinates, Despawn, Move, CP, and Lvl.

Step 6: Control character

Use the Cooldown Timer to regulate how much you jump location and the Joystick feature to make your character’s movement look more natural.


  • Compatible with Pokemon GO
  • One-click teleportation
  • Regulate movement such as walking, riding, and driving
  • Use Joystick in Pokémon GO on iOS & Android.
  • Able to import GPX files of a specific route
  • Support the latest iOS 17 & Android 14


  • No app on the App Store
  • Limited features on the free trial

2. iToolab AnyGO

iToolab AnyGO is a game-changer in the Pokemon GO gaming world. It’s a reliable solution that allows you to change location and simulate GPS movements with customized speeds. As a gamer, you can also collect your favorite routes for raids and use the cooldown timer to take the next action accurately. This tool allows you to play Pokemon GO more naturally on your iOS or Android device.


  1. Download and install iToolab AnyGo for iOS or get it on Google Play for your device. Connect it through Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap Pokemon GO on the screen to enable game mode on Android devices. Otherwise, enter the location or coordinates on the search box to locate Pokemon GO rewards.
  3. Use Teleport mode to be teleported to a specific place instantly or the Two-spot mode to guide your Pokemon GO character through a specified route and tap exit to collect rewards.
  4. Disable the Cooldown timer or use the Joy-stick to control your character with an on-screen Joy-stick or physical keyboard.


  • Rich in features
  • Easy-to-use steps
  • Unpredictable Pokemon GO spoofing
  • Transparent and private
  • Fully supports iOS17 and Android 13 or later.


  • Limited free trial
  • Not available on the App Store
  • Limited features on the free version

3. FonesGO

FonesGo Location Changer is your best friend when playing Pokemon GO. Without leaving the house, you can jump teleport to a location you choose, and no one will know about it. It also features a joystick to help the game player take better control of the character and control GPS movement by either walking, riding, or driving. It’s the Best GPS location changer for iOS devices and fully supports the latest iOS 17 and Android 14.


  1. Download and install FonesGO on your Windows or Mac device. Click Start to select your device.
  2. Connect your iOS or Android device with either a data cable or wireless connection and select your device operating system to begin the operation. Ensure you enable developer mode for iOS or USB debugging for Android.
  3. Spoof location for Pokemon GO by Teleporting to any location or simulate movement along a specified route with the Two-spot Route icon. Also, you can fake movement along a route with multi-stops by using the Multi-spot route icon. Select “Real Mode” for natural speed and realistic Pokemon GO gaming experience.
  4. You can also Jump automatically(tickmark auto-jump after cooldown)or manually between two spots. Leverage the Joystick to change the gaming character orientation or change direction in real-time.


  • Excellent user experience
  • Spoof Pokemon Go location on iOS 17 and Android 14 devices.
  • Supports multi-point routes to control game characters
  • Enables Auto-jump after cooldown for Pokemon GO cooling chart


  • Not available on App Store or Google Play
  • Requires a computer to connect

Things To Consider Before Spoofing GPS on Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO follows certain rules and protocols. Thus, you must checkmark certain conditions regardless of your smartphone platform to avoid being banned when trying to fake your GPS on Pokemon Go.

  • Follow the cooling-off chart: Pokemon Go auto-saves your games and remembers last location before switching GPS providers. So, make sure to have ample time for cool down before you decide to jump into geo-locked raids.
  • Maintain realism: Don’t overindulge in your virtual escapades to reduce detection. Also, keep it on the down-low. For instance, you can’t drive to New York from Las Vegas in an hour. Mimic the actual time it takes from your real location to your fictitious destination.
  • Update GPS regularly: Pokemon Go developers regularly update their logs to identify and catch odd behavior. Thus, your phone GPS app should be up to date at all times to avoid getting trapped and banned from Pokemon GO.
  • Uninstall shelved apps: Frozen apps can occasionally work in the background. Without prior knowledge, they can interfere with detection and put you on the spot. So, uninstall or turn off any unused third-party software.


I hope you’re now familiar with the best tools to fake location on your iOS or Android device. Pokemon GO spoofing is necessary to virtually move to a bustling city, increasing your chances to catch rare Pokemon, spawns and offers more opportunities to join community raids. As such, you need a tool like MocPOGO that provides a simple, effective, and professional Pokemon GO spoofing for Android and iOS devices. Download and try it today to simulate GPS movements at your own pace.

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