25 3D Touch Tips Every iPhone 6s / 6s Plus User Needs To Know About [Video]

Are you among those 13 million people that Apple managed to sell an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus to in the opening weekend? Or, maybe you’re waiting for your upgrade to come around before you head on over to the store to pick up Apple’s latest smartphone? Whichever category you fall into, the chances are that you’re excited about getting to grips with the phone’s flagship feature; 3D Touch. What can you do with it? How does it work? Is it really the “next-generation” of Multi-Touch? Thankfully, there’s a video that answers some of these burning questions.

Apple was clearly excited to introduce the iPhone 6s and the 3D Touch functionality. The keynote introduction on September 9th managed to cover a number of ways that users are able to utilize 3D Touch to interact with the iPhone 6s and iOS 9, but due to time limitations the company couldn’t really be expected to cover every potential use-case for the new pressure sensitive interaction method. That’s where one YouTuber steps up to the plate.

3D Touch iPhone 6s main

The video pretty much does what it says on the tin. Apple managed to cover most of what the company would class as “mainstream” ways of using 3D Touch, but what about all of the little hidden uses of the technology that are littered throughout the iPhone 6s? Well, the video does a fairly comprehensive job of drilling down into all of those little intricate details.

As an example; did you know that you can use 3D Touch to immediately enter into the multi-tasking app switcher and swipe between applications in the background? Or, were you aware that 3D Touch works in conjunction with the iOS 9 keyboard on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to allow the cursor to be easily maneuvered, and blocks of text to be selected and highlighted? It actually feels unbelievably slick and polished, meaning that text can be copied and edited without the need for two hands.

What about the availability of the new 3D Touch-centric Zoom feature accessible via the Accessibility settings within iOS 9? No? You didn’t know about that one either? It seems that the hardware and software is literally littered with excellent little features that makes 3D Touch even more useful than what was initially imagined.

Check out the video for yourself and see what you can do with your new iPhone 6s.

[Source: EverythingApplePro (YouTube)]

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