0bscure 7 For iOS 7 WinterBoard Theme Released, We Go Hands-On [VIDEO]

Jailbreaking and theming go hand in hand. If you happened to remove all instances of jailbreak tweaks from the Cydia store, you can be sure that people would still jailbreak their iOS devices purely so that they could continue to customize their look and feel.

Speaking as someone who has a lot of experience with the jailbreak scene, and most aspects associated with it, I’m not nearly as happy theming my device as I am tweaking almost every screen that exists on my iPhone. I find that WinterBoard themes tend to get in the way of the way I use my device, as they tend to be more complex than the standard Apple design that I’m used to.

With that being said, occasionally a theme comes along which catches my eye. These tend to be more minimalist than most other WinterBoard themes out there – I’m a huge advocate of simple and clean design – meaning that they don’t come around too often.

0bscure 7 theme iOS 7

When 0bscure 7 came onto my radar, I immediately gave it the once over due to its simple but very impactive visuals. The entire theme consist of black and white icons, which when paired with the right background, creates a gorgeous look for your iOS device’s home screen. With the theme, you’ll get over 100 compatible app icons, with the developer confirming to us that more app icons are on the way! A white and black wallpaper is also included to make the icons pop even more. Through a bit of trial and error I’ve found my favorite wallpaper combination with this theme to be the default pink iOS 7 home screen wallpaper, this can be seen in the video overview embedded at the end.

Once you’ve paid for, and downloaded the theme from Cydia, which costs a dollar from the ModMyi repo, simply head over to WinterBoard app and activate 0bscure 7 (notice the zero instead of an O!). Once your device has successfully resprung, you’ll see 0bscure’s black and white icons in replacement of Apple’s defaults.

0bscure 7 black white

As confirmed to us by the developer of the theme, 0bscure 7 is fully compatible with iPhone 5s, but since WinterBoard hasn’t been updated for ARM64 devices, those of you on newer devices will have to wait for Saurik to release the updated WinterBoard before you can use it on iPhone 5s.

0bscure 7 pink

If you enjoy theming your iOS device, let us know what you think about 0bscure 7 theme in the comments below.

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Update x1: WinterBoard for iOS 7 is out! Supports ARM64 devices. You can now use this theme on your iPhone 5s as well.

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