YouTuber Freddie Wong Uses Samsung Galaxy S II To Record Latest Short “Gamer Commute” [VIDEO]

Android enthusiasts will know that the camera on Samsung’s Galaxy S II superphone is widely considered to have the best optics in the smartphone market today. Its image and video quality is, perhaps, second only to the mighty 12 megapixel sensor on the Nokia N8 (which is the only good thing about the Nokia’s Symbian-based phone).

Redmond Pie has learned that famous YouTuber freddiew – known for his outlandish and epic gaming-related short videos – actually used the Samsung Galaxy S II to record a part of his latest video!


Before we get into the real meat of this post, our readers must first know about this “freddiew” character. Freddie “freddiew” Wong is a pretty popular personality on YouTube, where he regularly releases downright awesome short videos in which he and his friends do some pretty, pretty amazing stuff. Most of these videos are related to how the video games we play would look like in real life.

In his latest video, titled “Gamer Commute”, freddiew reveals that he used the Samsung Galaxy S II to record a part of the video. It required a lightweight yet powerful camera so Samsung sent him the Galaxy S II which freddiew notes was “perfect”.

We’ve embedded the video at the end. The part you see from 0:58 to 1:10 was shot using the Galaxy S II which was mounted on a tripod which, in turn, was mounted on a car.

From the video description:

This is how my mornings usually go. How many gaming references can you spot?

Aerial action shot in 1080p Full HD with the Samsung Galaxy S (TM) II.

The short video itself references to a bunch of videos games (including, from what we can tell, the Grand Theft Auto series, The Sims, Frogger and a couple of others series we couldn’t recognize) to show how the commute of your average game character would be like in real life.

Here is the original video:

And here is a behind the scenes look at how the video was produced:

I am personally a big, big fan of freddiew. He makes great videos that every gamer should watch. Some of favorite shorts by him are: Future First Person Shooter, The Rocket Jump and 3D First Person Mario.


The Samsung Galaxy S II will be released in the US on Sprint and AT&T on September 16th and 18th (respectively) and on T-Mobile “this fall”.

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