You Can Redeem Gift Cards In iTunes 11 Using Your Computer’s Camera

iTunes 11 has just been seeded by Apple after a great deal of delay, and naturally, the tech world is busy trying to dissect all of the new features. Among them, arrives the ability to redeem iTunes Store gift / credit cards by simple means of using your computer’s camera. Typing in a long alphanumeric can be a pain in the rear, and unless maximum concentration is applied, mistakes are easy to make, rendering the whole process somewhat seamless. With this new camera snapping system working in much the same manner as your typical QR scanner, you can finally let the tech do the donkey work for you.

With all the new and exciting features of iTunes 11, the most significant are those encircling the iTunes Store. Not only has the look of the world’s most popular content hub seemed dated for a long time now, but navigating through content has not been the most user-friendly experience one can undertake. That all looks to have changed now, and although this camera redemption feature is only small, it will be a great time saver for those who frequently purchase gift cards for their app, gaming, music, and video needs.

iTunes 11

The new option requires a newer type of card (containing a box around the perimeter of the code to help your camera recognize it), but if you find the rigmarole of typing in a sixteen character code to be one of great annoyance, you will now never need to embark in this practice again.

Naturally, you can still type in the code manually should you so wish, but in the spirit of getting our devices to do as much for us as they can, I can’t imagine why anybody would want to.


We’ll have an overview of the new iTunes 11 up very shortly, and we’ll be looking through some of the features during the course of today, so stay tuned to our coverage for more information. If you have yet to download the new iTunes 11 for Windows and Mac, please check out our post, which also contains screenshots of the newly-revamped user-interface.

For those of you already downloaded and running, what do you make of the new iTunes 11? Please share your thoughts via the usual mediums below!

(via MacRumors)

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