You Can Download This Award-Winning $2.99 iOS Game For Free, Here’s How

Apple is once again giving away an awesome game for free via its Apple Store app, with this week’s offering being the excellent Shadowmatic, available for both the iPhone and iPad.

The winner of an Apple Design Award and often held up as one of the best iOS games around, Shadowmatic can normally be found on the App Store priced at $2.99, and while it has been free in the past, that was only as part of Apple’s free App of the Week promotion. Those who don’t already own the game should right that wrong as soon as possible, especially now that it’s available for free for limited time.


The game is a unique puzzler that presents the player with the challenge to rotate and pitch wildly uneven 3D objects within a source of light, creating required shapes from their shadows. From its App Store description:

Shadowmatic is an imagination stirring puzzle where you rotate abstract objects in a spotlight to find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows, relevant to the surrounding environment.


Getting hold of your free copy of Shadowmatic isn’t as obvious a process as you may initially think. Instead of downloading it via the App Store the usual way, those picking the game up for free will need to do so via the Apple Store app instead.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step1: Launch the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t already have it, then download it first from the App Store. What are you waiting for? It’s available for free, obviously.

Step 2: You should now see a large banner image for the iPhone 6s on top. Scroll down until you see the Shadomatic app icon.

Step 3: Tap on the Shadomatic image/icon.

Step 4: Now, tap the ‘Download now for free’ button and follow the instructions.

Step 5: Enjoy one of the best iOS games around.

Pay particular attention to step 5. It’s the best part!

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