Xbox One Boots Up In 13 Seconds With ‘Xbox On’ Voice Command [VIDEO]

The Xbox One may be hitting the scene later, cost more, and be technically inferior in terms of raw gaming power than the PlayStation 4, but it’s certainly not all doom and gloom. After all, Microsoft’s forthcoming games machine succeeds the Xbox 360, a console that toppled the PlayStation 3 in this current generation, and allied to the second-gen Kinect peripheral – derivative of the immensely popular original Kinect – the interactivity both in motion sensing and voice recognition will be vastly superior to anything the PS4 will have to offer. With this in mind, Larry Hryb – better known as Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson – has demonstrated just how quickly one can boot up the Xbox One using the simple "Xbox On" voice command.

It’s the eve of the PlayStation 4’s release, and as such, Microsoft is doing everything it can to divert attention toward the Xbox One. But while Major Nelson’s video of the Xbox One booting up through voice command may be conspicuously timely, it’s nonetheless impressive.


Managing to squeeze the clip within the confines of an Instagram video upload, Hryb demonstrates how swiftly gamers will be able to turn on and log into their profiles without even having to touch the machine. He simply utters the words "Xbox On", and Kinect does the rest, detecting his words before springing the console into life. Despite this being one of the more basic voice commands in the Xbox One’s range, it does demonstrate the smoothness of the feature, and while Apple’s Siri assistant mightn’t have given the voice recognition market much to write home about, one suspects Microsoft’s refined effort will sit well with Xbox One owners.

The feature isn’t mandatory, and can be deactivated if you don’t wish to have people turning on your console at will.

Users can also log into Xbox LIVE using facial recognition, which is definitely another win for the lazy man. No remembering passwords — no getting up from the couch to turn the Xbox One on — all you need is a mini-fridge next to your sofa and, well, you’ll have no reason to move!

As if you weren’t already aware, the Xbox One launches next Friday, November 22nd, at a cost of $499.

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