Windows 9 To Get Interactive Live Tiles, Notification Center And More

Microsoft’s Windows 9, otherwise currently known as ‘Threshold’, will be released to developers as a ‘technology’ preview in the coming months, but as we eagerly await the next major build of the iconic operating system, new and previously undisclosed details are beginning to emerge.

One of Threshold’s significant feature implementations, or re-implementations depending on your point of view, is that of the traditional Start menu, which was a long-standing, integral Windows feature until the Redmond giant decided to part with it at the time of Windows 8’s release, and while it isn’t of much use to those running a touch device, desktop users can’t wait to have the feature back. But aside from the fanfare regarding the Start menu, there’ll also be a number of other noteworthy enhancements with Windows 9, and below, we discuss these new findings that have hit the blogosphere via WinBeta.


First and foremost, interactive Live Tiles will apparently play a part, and with the software maker also set to add a new notification center to the fray, it’s clear that the company is looking to its Windows Phone OS for cues.

We’re not expecting a jump of the same kind of magnitude that Windows 7 departed from the frankly awful Vista, but it’s fair to say that Windows 9 / Threshold will still offer a host of new features and changes equating to a more well-rounded experience. Having joined the tablet market, Microsoft has certainly had some teething issues in adapting its software accordingly, but with the eventual merging of Windows RT and Windows Phone allied to this Windows 9 release, it does appear that Satya Nadella’s company is back on track.

Interactive Tiles

Developers will be able to test the new features as they’re trickled out, according to Verge, who have been notified by Microsoft that updates will arrive every couple of weeks as the software is refined for prime time.

The last we heard, Microsoft had tentatively outlined September 30th as the date of its Windows 9 press event, and this remains the case. However, with a lot of work being put into preparing that aforementioned technology preview, delays could push the date back somewhat, so we’ll keep an open mind until we get official word.

(Sources: TheVerge, WinBeta)

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