Windows 8 Web Traffic Usage Overtakes Android In Under 10 Days

Now we know what you’re thinking! You can’t compare a desktop operating system to that of smartphones and the odd tablet! You just can’t, it’s utter madness and you should be mocked for even suggesting such a thing! Well, read on!

Web statistics firm StatCounter has released numbers showing the amount of web traffic generated by various operating systems, with Windows 8, iOS and Android all present and correct. Using those stats, Microsoft-News has plotted a handy graph which shoes how Windows 8 is doing when put up against Android, Google’s smartphone operating system. It also powered one or two tablets, but you know, they’re a bit of an afterthought…

Windows 8 vs Android

So, what does the aforementioned graph tell us? Well, Windows 8’s web traffic has doubled since its initial release on October 26th, for example. That’s nice, we’re sure you’ll agree. Entirely more inflammatory though is the news that Windows 8 has already overtaken Android in the web traffic stakes, which according to Microsoft-News means that Windows is awesome and Android is not. Or something.

Apple’s iOS gets the treatment, too. Within weeks, we are told, iOS will also be eclipsed by Windows 8, meaning that Apple’s claims of a post-PC era are simply wide of the mark. We see the logic – more people are browsing the web via Windows 8 than their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and thus, Apple is wrong. The stats add up, even if the conclusion is a little over-simplistic. Still, bear with us.


The blog also goes on to say that the Windows 8 Store is the place to be for developers, with the App Store and Google Play Store simply unable to compete with the might of Windows and, presumably, its humongous workarounds for getting apps for free. But still, more web traffic obviously equates to apps sold, right?

See? We said to bear with us, and as you can see, it all makes perfect sense and in no way comes across as comparing apples to oranges, if you’ll forgive the pun.

Oh OK, we admit it, it’s all a bit silly. You got us. But hey, Windows 8 is awesome!

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