White iPhone 4 Gets Its Antenna ‘Death Grip’, Proximity Sensor Tested [Video]

Apple’s mythical white iPhone 4 is finally on the cusp of a release, with the handset going on sale in just a few short hours. Some lucky buyers got their a little early though, and iSpazio has done just what any self-respecting fanboy (or girl) would do – taken some video of the phone’s antenna and proximity sensor performance.


With the massive delay suffered by the white iPhone 4 widely attributed to problems with the white paint working correctly with its proximity sensor, we were all interested in seeing just how well this particular part performed. As the first video clearly shows however, whatever the issue was has definitely been fixed, with the screen turning off as expected when prompted. Jolly good.

The seconds video shows the infamous iPhone 4 death-grip/antennagate procedure being carried out with the expected results. Yes the iPhone shows a drop of a bar when forced but call quality was not affected. Does this mean we can finally put the whole palaver to bed, please?

The white iPhone 4 goes on sale tomorrow, April 28th in 28 countries.

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