What Were You Doing On Facebook Exactly 1 Year Ago? This App Will Tell You!

Ever wondered what you did precisely one year ago? One of the indicators you can use to answer that question, especially if you’re an Internet junkie, is to look at your Facebook wall. You could just go back and look, but would it be a lot more fun to be briefed daily on what you were doing the day before? That’s where PastPosts comes in.

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This simple web service is really easy to set up: you simply have to log into your Facebook account from pastposts.com using Facebook connect. From there, users will receive a daily e-mail about what their wall looked like precisely one year before. This is similar to 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo, which briefs users daily on the places they checked into exactly one year before.

The daily email briefings look pretty simple, and dare I say, better than the Facebook interface itself. On the email, you’ll see photos tagged photos of you that were uploaded on that day, events you attended, wall posts and of course, comments. Interestingly enough, briefings don’t just contain Facebook-related information: you’ll also be able to see what the weather was like on that day, as well as the day’s most important headlines.

Past Posts

This site was created by Benny Wong, Jonathan Wegener and designed Matt Raoul, New York City-based developers. The first two have been known for Exit Strategy NYC, an elaborate map of New York City that includes subway and street maps. Raoul is the creator and Chief Creative Officer of Nestio, a real estate-related web service that helps users track real estate offerings, currently only available in New York City; in addition to that, he owns a vast portfolio of previous design work he’s done for popular web and paper properties, such as Esquire Magazine and even Justin Timberlake’s own website.

While PastPosts doesn’t serve any practical purpose in my view, it really does bring back memories from the "good old days", even if by that we mean "one year ago". Maybe if Facebook manages to stick around for a few more years, we’ll see a similar service offering to brief us on what was posted on our wall five or ten years ago. That would make reading the content, especially the old headline news a lot more fun. But for now, I guess one-year-old posts will do.

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