What Apple Could Do With Its $100 Billion In Cash [Humor]

Apple’s recent announcement that it currently holds more cash than anyone else has led to much discussion of late, and that discussion has even spawned some pictorial jabberings.

As the internet is want to do when it has something as juicy as Apple to discuss, a few infographics have popped up to illustrate just how damn filthy rich the Cupertino outfit really is.

As if the infographic we posted yesterday was not enough, The Joy of Tech has put together their own humorous take on Apple’s monetary situation and in their own special way as well.

So what could Apple do with its reported $100 billion dollar bank account? Well, quite a few things as it turns out – and none of them particularly useful, either!

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook can, should he really, really want to, build himself a meditation chamber built out of solid gold bars. If that doesn’t float your boat, how about a Ski resort made from piles of cash rather than the usual clumps of snow?


We did say they were useless…

Our personal favorite is the suggestion that Apple could finally afford to build the anti-gravity engines required to get its upcoming as yet unbuilt headquarters into space. You’ll remember those plans Steve Jobs showed off last year that depicted a UFO-like structure. If it looks like a spaceship, it might as well fly like one!

Bar the whole flying building thing,the "least likely" award possibly goes to the idea of the "iMattress" which would apparently be a bed with cash stuffed inside it for added comficity. And yes, we did just make that word up.

We can only hope that this is now the end of the infographic onslaught we are current being subjected to, unless of course someone actually comes up with something useful this time around!

We won’t be holding our breath for too long!


(infographic image credit: GeekCulture – The Joy Of Tech | via All Things D)

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