Web Slice on Windows Live Home has gone live!

Microsoft has started rolling out the new Web Slice feature for Windows Live Home (http://home.live.com) worldwide. Last week, LiveSide reported on this upcoming new feature of Windows Live Home which shows the top three(by default) most recent happenings from your “What’s new with your network”.





To see all of your 10 updates, simply scale the Slice by dragging it with your mouse from the bottom right corner.

What is a Web Slice?

A Web Slice is a specific portion of a webpage that you can subscribe to, and which enables you to see when updated content—such as the current temperature, or a changing auction price—is available from your favorite websites. Once you have subscribed to the Web Slice, it appears as a link on the Favorites bar. When the Web Slice is updated, the link on the Favorites bar will appear with bold formatting. You can then click the link to see the updated content. Web Slice is feature of Internet Explorer 8 which can be downloaded for free from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx.


Want to download more Web Slices?

Head over to IE 8 Add-ons Gallery at http://www.ieaddons.com/en/webslices/

Do you know that Redmond Pie has a Web Slice too? You can subscribe to our Web Slice here.