Videos Surface Of iPhone 6 Lightning Cable With Reversible USB Connector

When we told you about Apple’s rumored reversible USB Lightning cable, plenty of people were rather excited at the idea. With good reason too, because we’ve all had that brain-melting moment when we have tried to plug a USB cable in only for it to inevitably be the wrong way around. It’s a fact of life that nobody can plug a USB cable in the right way first time, and we’ve known it take three goes before people have managed it – and there are only two orientations to choose from!

So the idea that Apple is doing away with such frustration by making a USB cable that can be inserted into either a computer or a charging brick in both orientations, everyone was very happy. Photos are all well and good though, and video is where things start to move from rumor to probability and eventually to reality, so when notorious Apple leaker Sonny Dickson started sharing videos of Apple’s new cable, we took notice.


The two videos, accompanied by some photos, show Dickson apparently taking the cable, flipping it around and plugging it back into a computer with an iPhone in the shot also. As you might expect, the iPhone starts charging no matter the orientation of the USB cable, and that makes us very happy indeed.


Of course, it’s important to point out that neither of these videos are conclusive. Dickson neglected to show the cable and phone in the same shot, so we’ve no way of knowing for sure that the cable being turned around is in fact the cable that’s charging the phone. We wouldn’t suggest this is fake, but we wouldn’t want to say it’s definitely legitimate until we see something a little well cropped, if you know what we mean.

If these new, reversible USB Lightning cables are in fact real, then we expect the iPhone 6 to be the first device to ship with one in the box.

The iPhone 6 is due for an announcement on September 9th, with shipment expected to occur at the end of the month.

Are you excited already? We know we are!

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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