Control uTorrent from iPhone

uMonitor is a uTorrent client app for iPhone and iPod touch which lets you monitor your torrent files being downloaded through uTorrent on a Windows PC or a Mac.

uMonitor makes use of uTorrent’s Web UI to show the live progress of your current torrent downloads. µMonitor is not available on the App Store because Apple rejected it as they do not want any ‘torrent’ application on the iPhone, therefore you will need a jailbroken iPhone to install uMonitor from Cydia. Complete step by step instructions for jailbreaking iPhone and iPod touch can be found here. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, goto Cydia and add “” as shown in the screenshots below:

Monitor uTorrent on iPhoneAdd “” to your Cydia repository.


Monitor uTorrent on iPhoneSearch for “uMonitor” and install it.

 uTorrent on Windows Home ServerNow enable Web UI on the uTorrent client app installed on your computer (The picture above has been taken from uTorrent on Windows Home Server). Goto Preferences -> Advanced –> WebUI and enable the check for “Enable Web UI” option. Enter username and password of your choice and check the port for uTorrent.


Monitor uTorrent on iPhoneNow start the uMonitor app on iPhone. Goto Settings tab and enter the details that you set earlier in uTorrent’s Web UI option. IP address is the address of the computer where uTorrent is installed. You can set this to your local network IP to access uTorrent locally, or the public private IP to access it from anywhere in the world.

Thats it! you can now control all the files your computer is downloading right from your iPhone from anywhere in the world!

Monitor uTorrent on iPhoneThe progress of files currently being downloaded on your computer.


Monitor uTorrent on iPhoneOption to give labels to your torrents. 


Monitor uTorrent on iPhone Detail of the file currently being downloaded.


Monitor uTorrent on iPhoneStart, Stop, Resume and delete any torrent file right from your iPhone from anywhere in the world!

Alternatively, if you are not willing to jailbreak your iPhone then you can use iPhone Web Interface for uTorrent. Installation instructions for which can be found here.

If you are looking for a torrent client app which can download torrent files on your iPhone, then I will recommend you to check our Torrentula – a BitTorrent client for iPhone and iPod Touch.

uMonitor can be downloaded from Cydia for iPhone and iPod touch