Download Torrents on iPhone and iPod Touch

Torrentula is a BitTorrent client for iPhone and iPod Touch which allows you to search and download torrents directly on your phone from some of the top Torrent trackers such as TPB (The Pirate Bay), Mininova, ExtremeNova, Demonoid, SeeQPod and SUMOTorrent.

Torrentula can be downloaded from Cydia for free. You will need to first jailbreak your iPhone before you can install it. Please take a look at our complete step-by-step guide on how to unlock and jailbreak (if you haven’t already):

Search for Torrentula on Cydia and install it.


Now start the application and switch to “Search” tab from the bottom. Touch on search “magnifying glass” icon on top-right to bring up a screen to choose your favorite BitTorrent tracker as shown below:


Make a search query for your desired torrent file, search results will be displayed as follows:


Touch “Download This Torrent” to download the .torrent file on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The downloaded .torrent file will be saved in /var/mobile/Library/Downloads folder on your phone:


Switch to “Files” tab from the bottom and then select your downloaded .torrent file to start downloading and seeding the real content on your phone!


Download progress can be played/resumed, paused and stopped similar to the Torrent clients on the desktop computer.


The best thing about this app is that the torrents are downloaded even when the program is not running without the need of any third party plug-in.

Download Torrentula for Free from Cydia.