US Judge Permits Both Apple And Samsung To Include Jelly Bean And iPhone 5 In Ongoing Patent Dispute

Scarcely a week goes by without significant developments in the continual Apple vs. Samsung legal battle, and with Samsung forewarning Apple it would immediately bring the iPhone 5 into the dispute upon release, the Korean company has stayed true to its word. Both Samsung and Apple have recently requested newer devices be added to the fold, and US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal has today given the Galaxy maker the go-ahead to include the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, he also accepted Apple’s request to alter its original suit to include the Galaxy Note 10.1, along with the Galaxy S III. Not content with just going after Samsung’s hardware, though, Tim Cook’s company has also thrown in Android Jelly Bean for good measure – despite the Google-made software having very little to do with Samsung. It’s not the first time Apple has deployed such a tactic, and by going after both Android and its most popular devices, the fruit company could make a significant scalp, should the trial go its way.

After the last trial – which was overseen in San Jose by Judge Lucy Koh – went very much Apple’s way, it will be very interesting to see how the next chapter plays out. Samsung has been ordered to pay $1.05 billion to its bitter rival in damages, and although you feel Samsung would be a great deal happier simply burning the cash, the upcoming appeal against the decision will be its last chance to stop that eye-watering sum being forcibly wired through to Cupertino.

With both companies seemingly determined to throw nearly every device into the debate, the stakes are naturally raised along with it. It’s key to remember that this trial will not even be heard until 2014, and with such a length of time between now and then, this particular case looks set to eclipse any legal dramas the pair have been locked in previously.


And it’s fair to say neither is unfamiliar with the innards and arrangements of the courtroom. There have been more than fifty between the two tech titans hitherto, and while both have claimed their fair share of victories, Apple’s billion-dollar verdict was key in that it was the first US trial.

Should we learn of any more developments, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

(via Bloomberg)

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